Lone Oak Honey Company All Natural, Beeswax Lotion Stick

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2 Ounce

Lavender & Mint


Patchouli & Clove


Beeswax Lotion Sticks are a great way to prevent or repair dry, cracked or itchy skin.  They work great for hands, feet, elbows or anyplace that gets dry and itchy.  They work best right after you dry off from the bath or shower or right after you wash your hands.  The beeswax works to seal in the moisture that the water added to your skin.

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Lone Oak Honey Company Lotion Sticks are made from my own beeswax from my minimal treatment beehives, shea butter, cocoa butter, organic sunflower oil infused with dried organic calendula flowers, sweet almond oil, my own honey from my minimal treatment beehives, tea tree essential oil and other essential oils for scent.

They come in convenient twist up, 2.6 ounce, deodorant style container.

Honeybees secrete beeswax from wax glands on their abdomen.  Beeswax acts like a chemical sponge in the bee hive.  I only treat my hives when absolutely necessary to keep the bees alive because traces of antibiotic or any chemical put into a beehive will show up in the beeswax.(5 & 6)  Beeswax from minimal treatment hives is cleaner and safer than beeswax from traditionally managed beehives.

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