Bees For Sale

Local Sioux City Iowa queen bees and NUCs for sale! In 2021 I hope to start offering bees for sale. I have raised a few queens for the last two years and I feel that I will be able to raise enough in 2021 to start offering some of them for sale. The first thing you need to know is these won’t be available in the spring. The weather here in Sioux City Iowa does not allow for early queens or NUCs. I hope to have a few Summer NUCs available in the month of July. If you buy a 5 frame NUC in July, keep a close eye on it and feed it sugar syrup, it will build up enough to overwinter. Then next spring it should be ready to take off for you! Queens should also be available in July and August.

I have not set prices for 2021 yet. Check back in May and I should have the details worked out and posted