Beginning Beekeeping Class

Why take a beginning beekeeping class?

Most people have had enough exposure to gardening or fishing that they could start those hobbies without having to do much research or take a class.  Beekeeping is not something most people have any exposure to and that makes it difficult to get off to a good start without some research or training.  If you take up fishing and you don’t know what you are doing probably the worst thing that can happen is you won’t catch any fish.  If you take up beekeeping and you don’t know what you are doing your bees may suffer or even die.  A beginning beekeeper class can give you the tools you need to prevent that from happening.

The 2021/2022 beginning beekeeping classes are not scheduled yet but should take place sometime in December or January. If you are interested in taking the class please provide your contact information via this Google form:

We will email you when the schedule is determined. You are not making any commitments by providing your information, just letting us know you may want to take the class.
Links to lesson documents from previous classes and suggested podcasts and reading can be found below

Before you decide to keep bees you should find out if your city ordinances will allow you to keep bees where you live. Check out the links for Iowa at the Iowa Honey Producers Association website here:

For any beginners, I would recommend the book “Beekeeping Basics” produced by Penn State. You can get a free PDF version of the book at:

A print version is available for $10. The photos are in black and white so I would stay with the free PDF. But $10 is still pretty cheap. You can buy it here:,a%20glossary%20and%20an%20appendix.

Check out this 4 part series on getting started in beekeeping from Beekeeping Today podcast.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Beginning Beekeeping class Sessions

If you have time, read this before deciding on the type of hives to use: Things to consider before buying beehives

Pre-class – Session 0

Session 1 Google DOCs

Session 1 Google Slides

Session 2 Google Slides

Session 2 Google DOCs

Session 3

Session 4