Raising bees that can survive with minimal treatments has gotten harder since 2006 when CCD first appeared.  It is a struggle for the beekeeper, but it’s the right thing to do for the bees.  In a good year the bees bestow a reward of golden honey.  For me it has become less about the honey, … MORE

Filling honey jar


Lone Oak Honey Company raw honey is strained, not filtered, and is never heated. This preserves the natural active phytonutrients (1), prebiotics and pollen (2) found in honey.  My bees are never treated with antibiotics or organic acids, so there is no chance…. More…



Lone Oak Honey Company lip balms and skin care products are made with beeswax and propolis from minimal treatment bee hives.  Honeybees secrete beeswax from wax glands on their abdomen.  Beeswax acts like a chemical sponge in the bee hive.  I only treat my hives when absolutely necessary to keep the bees alive because traces of antibiotic or any chemical put into a beehive will show up in the beeswax.(5 & 6)  Beeswax from minimal treatment hives is cleaner and safer than beeswax from traditionally managed beehives. More…

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